Susan Purvis Bio


Susan helps people find their way, whether on the trail or on the page. As a guide in the mountains, leading an expedition, or mining your story on Zoom, it’s what she does best: helping you work through your pain to live your best life.     

Susan Purvis saves lives and teaches others to do the same. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Smithsonian, the BBC, and Discovery. Over the past 25 years, Susan’s built a rewarding career anchored in risk management, science, wilderness medicine and avalanche education. She continues her quest to work with highly accomplished storytellers, filmmakers and outdoor educators who inspire her to evolve and grow. As a wilderness medicine specialist, she’s led successful programs, expeditions, and teams to the hottest, coldest and highest places on earth. She spent a decade in the high country of Colorado learning the art of search and rescue dog training with her loyal companion, Tasha. Together they found people buried in the snow, drowned in water, and lost in the woods. 

 Susan’s bestselling and award-winning book Go Find: My Journey to Find the Lost and Myself, shares her vulnerability and explores what it’s like to be lost herself —and found. She’s not afraid to admit that she’s been as lost as anyone she ever found. 

Her insider’s knowledge of finding the lost–to being lost–and to crawling her way out of grief enables her to lead countless others through their hardest challenges

 Susan’s engaging presentation style makes her a humorous storyteller. She connects with her audience and lights up the stage with her candor, authenticity, and stories as both an explorer, educator, and author. 

 She’s sought-after keynote speaker and moderator at numerous book events, universities and podcasts.