Digging Deep To Find Your Truth.

As an accomplished, adventurous outdoor woman, Susan Purvis was as lost as anyone she’d ever found.

Susan and her search dog Tasha became one of the best alpine canine search and rescue handlers in the US. Her unique expertise in wilderness medicine and gold exploration led her to the hottest, coldest, and highest places on earth. In her memoir, Go Find: My Journey to Find the Lost —and Myself, Susan’s story opens with an adrenaline-filled scene in which she and Tasha risk everything to uncover an avalanche victim to help a grieving family find closure. Little does she know at the time, she was digging herself even deeper into her own denial.

Join Susan as she shares her harrowing story of how over a decade into her prestigious canine search and rescue career she asks herself, “How did the lost expert ever get so lost?”

Susan uses breathtaking photos from her personal experience as an expedition leader, avalanche search and rescue specialist, and the ultimate denial expert to take her audience through the five stages of denial. She’ll take you to places you may or may not have ever been—or want to visit…places where we really get lost: like in a marriage, a career, an addiction, our health, and in life.

It’s only when we move through these five states that we can truly find ourselves.

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