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Susan is a public speaker, memoir writing coach, wilderness medicine & avalanche educator, owner of Crested Butte Outdoors, and Author of the award-winning adventure memoir, Go Find—My Journey to Find the Lost and Myself.

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“Susan Purvis has written a brave and profound book about the eternally compelling topic of human survival. No one can truly understand the wilderness without going deeply within themselves, and perhaps vice versa. She’s done both and come back with truths that we all can learn from.”

—New York Times bestselling author Sebastian Junger

Susan’s Memoir

Go Find, My Journey to Find the Lost—and Myself, is a glimpse into the adventurous and dangerous world of search and rescue

… and one woman’s determination to overcome the odds with her canine at her side. Together, they find bodies buried in avalanches, drowned in the water, lost in the woods… or murdered.

Susan’s story puts the reader behind the scenes in Colorado’s male-dominated, often misogynistic outdoor industry. Little did she know when she committed to life-saving search and rescue work that she’d have to navigate the toughest terrain of all in both her career and her marriage. Read more about “Go Find.” 

Susan Purvis author of Go Find My Journey to find the lost and myself

“The best thing I’ve ever done for anyone is to help them find their loved one.”

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From writing coach, to public speaking, health and well-being, wilderness medicine, avalanche safety, and becoming your best self by helping others – Susan inspires us all to live on the path we were meant to be on.

Susan Purvis is an Empathic Leader and a Badass

Susan is an Wilderness Medicine and Avalanche Educator

It’s a dynamic and rewarding experience that demands a deep understanding of the natural environment, the dangers that exist in the wilderness, and the human body’s response to unexpected medical situations.

As a wilderness medicine instructor, you’re tasked with teaching life-saving techniques in remote and often challenging environments, preparing individuals to respond effectively to medical emergencies when traditional help is not readily available.

As an avalanche educator, one is responsible for imparting crucial knowledge about snow science, terrain analysis, and risk management to outdoor enthusiasts, equipping them with the skills to navigate avalanche terrain safely.

Together, these roles require a blend of technical expertise, exceptional communication skills, and a passion for both the wilderness and the well-being of yourself and others. It’s an opportunity to empower people with the confidence and abilities to explore the great outdoors responsibly while fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty and dangers of nature.

Susan Purvis Trains people how to jump out of nighthawks and how to survive in extreme remote locations

Susan heads out with her night vision goggles to teach some of the nation’s most elite. Sleeping in snow caves, moving through avalanche terrain, and surviving in extreme weather conditions is part of the two week program. 

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