Fall 2020 Story & Book Coaching!


Are You Ready To Write Your Story? Let’s Mine It

Sometimes we think we know the story we want to write, but we get stuck. That’s where I come in. As a former gold exploration geologist, expedition leader, and author, I help dig out your gold and lead you to the summit. I might make you uncomfortable while stretching you to new heights. But together, we’ll discover what your story really is.

Are You Procrastinating?

Procrastination prevents many people from writing their books.  It might just be a way for you to limit your options or your success. But we all carry our story with us somewhere.  If you have a hard story to tell, you might be weighing yourself down with comfort food instead of releasing yourself through expression. Some hide their story in a bottle of wine or by sitting on their sofa staring at TV.  Whether you’re carrying these blocks in your body or your behavior, we’ll defeat your attempts to sabotage your book using the tools I’ve learned climbing the hottest and the coldest places on earth.

What I Can Help You Accomplish

I will help you sift through the ideas in your head, organize your scenes, and develop the structure to capture your readers’ attention and maintain it to the end. I believe your story matters. And if you can tell your story, you can make an impact. 

The Process

Call me for a free 15 minute consult. I’m here to listen. When it comes to writing your book or story, it doesn’t matter if you’re climbing a peak or walking 20 miles, the goal is the same: to arrive safely. The same holds true for writing a memoir or even a blog post. There will be some difficult terrain, unforgiving landscape, and enough self-doubt to make you want to turn back. Think of me as your expedition guide. I’ll be safely leading you with the tools, a map, and a direction.

Who Needs a Writing Coach?

I help people interested in writing fiction, nonfiction, and memoir.  On occasion, if we’re a good fit for each other, I help those who don’t necessarily want to write a book dive deeper into their writing practice. 

How We’ll Work Together

We’ll customize your need whether we meet daily, once a week, or twice a month on Zoom from anywhere in the world.  In between sessions, you’ll send me chunks of writing and which I’ll review, but I won’t be editing. I won’t even mark them up.  Instead, we’ll be discussing how each piece you’ve submitted met the goals we discussed in the previous session and where you’re at on our map.  We’ll discuss your structure, character development, conflict, and more.

Writing Workshops

I organize and participate in workshops taught by nationally known, published authors who are adept at teaching the craft of writing to all levels of students. In addition, students learn how to read others’ work critically and apply those lessons to their own writing. I’m available for hourly consultations and multiply day workshops anywhere around the world. 

“How to Write a Memoir; From Trailhead to Mountain Top”

Let’s get that story out of you and onto the page. Susan will be your coach and provide memoir structure and function. As a writing coach, Susan has a knack for reading people, she understands what people are trying to tell her. She helps writers communicate and articulate what they’re feeling and get it out of your head on the page. This private class is for serious clients who are ready to get their story down over the next several month with Susan’s help.

The criteria for quality storytelling are no different for self-published authors than for the traditionally published. Susan offers a deep dive into each facet of the storytelling proposition, which you can apply to your process to elevate your game and claim your career as a writer. Susan will use techniques modeled on the bestselling craft book “Story Engineering,” by Larry Brooks, “the how and why stories work.” Attendees will learn the ‘Six Competencies of Successful Storytelling,’ a guide for the beginner and a great refresher for the pro. Attendees will have a chance to share and/or restructure their own stories. Get it right the first time. 

Here is what you will learn. 

Story Structure and Function. Lesson plans include: What does the main character want? What stands in their way? What’s at stake if they fail? What are story stakes? Defining the external, internal and philosophical stakes in a story. What is a dramatic premise? Who is the main character? Do you have a relatable theme? Is there a dramatic narrative?  Do you have great scenes? Is your narrative voice established? Believable?

Writing and reading out loud your story will be part of this process.

Sign up now for Memoir-From Trail head To Mountain Top. susan@susanpurvis.com


“From Raw to Real; Life Coaching + Writing Workshop”

3-day workshop with Life & Writing Coaches Sara Fisher and Susan Purvis. The workshop is a blend of life coaching and writing the ‘hard stuff’. Writing memoir, creative non-fiction or personal essay can be daunting. Susan and Sara will provide a safe, caring and listening environment for attendees to express their story with authentic emotional exploration and connection. In this workshop they will explore what’s Possible in your writing and in your life. They will address what’s in the way of getting it on the page and out into the world. Together they will guide you towards achieving your goals at the same time building skills in writing structure to fully support your story.

Sue and Sara have a unique relationship spanning 50 years and offer an authentic connection resulting in a rare flow of the process, creating, teaching, and discovering. 

Sara Fisher is a licensed Life Coach.

Contact Susan if you are interested in this course. Our next course is late October.

Memoir Writing Consultation

These are one on one consulting sessions twice monthly via Zoom. Or I can meet you face to face in Montana for one full day.

To get started, contact me at Susan at susan@susanpurvis.com.



#1 Not your typical Memoir Coaching Session. Not Zoom but Walk, Hike, Write.

Susan Purvis guided me for three days through Glacier National Park, both as a guide and writing coach.  With her generous and fun-loving spirit, she fearlessly led me deep into Glacier’s backcountry and into my story. Her guidance was steady and sure. I felt safe to walk “to the edge” of my emotions, my “story” and the mountain top. I understood for the first time views that lifted my spirit and story to new heights. Together, with Susan, I stood in awe. I have emerged from GNP transformed. With Susan’s guidance, I walked my story. Now I can write.I know to be true what before I only hoped was true  – my story is sacred. I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my time with Susan in Glacier’s backcountry. Now, it’s your turn. Go Find! You’re in good hands. Susan will lead the way.  Christine Morris-Adventurer and Story Teller

#2 Mentor, Colleague, and Coach.

Susan Purvis’s life coach was her headstrong black Labrador Retriever, Tasha. Their successful career as a search team took them into remote, extreme conditions. Sue learned problem-solving and leadership skills in risky situations where the wrong decision could mean death. As a writing colleague and coach,  I trust her knowledge and experience in both the wilderness and the writing room. I often ask for her expertise to add verisimilitude and authenticity to my thriller novels. Debbie Burke, award-winning author of Tawny Lindholm Thrillers with a Heart 

#3 Creative Writing Workshop

Writing is one of the hardest skills to learn and many never do, especially when trying to write a book of any kind.Being a student and Learning the skills from a published author is definitely an advantage because they have gone through all the steps of writing, being accepted by a publisher, and actually publishing a book.

Susan Purvis is one of those gems that not many of us are lucky to find in our lifetime. She is very adept teacher as she knows all the ins and outs.In addition, she has a way of making you feel at home and always point you in the right direction making you feel good about what you have learned. Finally, whatever I got stuck she was always there to help so, if you’re looking for a friend as well as a teacher, Susan is your best choice.

She has my 10 star recommendation. Dr. Sherwood Tucker DDS MAGD

#4- Teacher extraordinaire

“There are teachers, and there are writers. If you’re very lucky, you’ll stumble upon someone who is good enough at one, and really good at the other. The odds against finding a Sue — a brilliant writer and incredibly talented teacher — are so high that if you’re lucky enough to become her student, you’ve just won the lottery.”– Judith Faye, Poet, Writer.



Most people who are lost can’t let themselves see that they’re lost. They don’t want to hear about it or feel it. And when they deny reality, they keep themselves from learning from it.

What is Your SuperPower?

My superpower is my ability to see denial in others. Denial that prevents you from living your true life, or being your true self. As a gold exploration geologist, I spent years helping people mine their inherent gold. The gold that lies deep within them. I help them discover it and bring it tot the surface. And now, I help people mine their story.

When you tell your life story, you unburden yourself from all of the behaviors you’ve carried with you your whole life.