How to Connect with Our Creative, Productive, Life-Affirming Canine Partners.

Every day our canines are telling us something. But because of our lack of understanding of animal behavior, we have no idea what they’re telling us. Thus, we miss great opportunities to grow and connect with our beloved canines.

Join Susan Purvis as she shares fascinating stories of her tenure as a volunteer wilderness canine search and rescue specialist.

She’ll teach you how to understand your dog’s behavior through personal missions and adventures through stories of training and deploying her rebellious, but lovable black lab, Tasha.

Susan shares stories about how canines detect humans in the water, locate nitrogen in bombs, find accelerants in fires, dig up humans buried ten feet under the snow, and sniff out victims of crime. The audience will use their knowledge, put on their detective hat and participate in the best mission of all, finding a 12-year-old lost in a winter blizzard. She will even teach you tricks to communicate better with both your canine and your human partners.

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