Mindful Leadership: How Grounding Yourself Creates Fulfilling Results Monday, June 15, 2020


Author, educator, and explorer, Susan Purvis, and Mindful Leadership Coach and founder of Move Mountains, Charlie White, teach us how to become mindful leaders and apply it to our daily lives. Nest and Rule the Roost members can sign up here. Susan and Charlie of Move Mountains will take you on a one hour Zoom call and explore what it's like to be grounded and how to apply mindfulness in your daily routine whether it's at home or in the board room.  Move Mountains https://www.movemountains.com Hope to see you on the Zoom call. Cost: 4.99. Sign up at Covey Club https://www.coveyclub.com Namaste, Susan

Faculty at Fernie Writers Conference, Canada

Fernie Ski Resort

Join Susan at the week-long Fernie Writers Conference in beautiful Fernie, British Columbia, Canada. RAW REAL WRITE This week-long workshop is a little life coaching and a lot of writing the 'hard stuff'.  This workshop provides a safe place for writers to uncover and express their fears and address the why it's so difficult to write their emotional truth. We will also dive into... What is your story really about? The criteria for quality storytelling are no different for self-published authors than for the traditionally published. Susan offers a deep dive into each facet of the storytelling proposition, which you can apply to your process to elevate your game and claim your career as a writer. Susan will use techniques modeled on the bestselling craft book “Story Engineering,” by Larry Brooks, “the how and why stories work.” Attendees will learn the ‘Six Competencies of Successful Storytelling,’ a guide for the beginner and a great refresher for the pro. Attendees will have a chance to share and/or restructure their own stories. Get it right the first time. About the Conference Held at the base of Fernie Alpine Resort, the first Fernie Writers Conference in 2007 drew twenty-eight writers to a week-long gathering celebrating the writing craft and the publication of writing. In four short years, it grew to over 100 participants, drawing from across Canada, the US and even one writer from Hong Kong. At the core was the simple belief, “Good writing gets published.” By becoming a better writer, participants created more opportunities for publication. Publication follows craft.   The full schedule will be posted in mid-February. Registration will open in late February, 2020. As before, the intensive workshop sessions are limited to eight to ten students. Early registration is encouraged to assure the spot you want.